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(trailer review) - Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power

If you have not seen Lord of the Rings, you either hate fantasy or do not wish to sit through a 3 hour movie. There are also 3 movies all around the same time, so we are looking at 9 hours of your life on an epic fantasy. I get it, it may not be for you. Then we have The Hobbit. Equally just as long-ish and there is also 3 of those films too, so that is another 8 - 9-ish hours of your life. This franchise is already soaking up near 18 hours of your life and now they want you to watch more in TV format!? Yes, yes I will!

This teaser trailer looks great! I know nothing about anything to do with The Rings of Power other than what I can gather from what they spoke about in the movies so the telling of this story should be rich in lore and should also plant the seeds for what we have now already seen. This looks like Amazon hasn't skimped on the expense at all, so let's see with the official trailer, what we are actually in for. This teaser is just enough to water the mouth, let's get stuck in!


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