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(trailer review) - Halo

First of all, Halo is such a great series that has taken me years to at first, get into, and then, start playing and loving. I absolutely love characters that are powerful but also flawed or placed in difficult situations that they must try and find a way through/past. Halo for me, started with Halo 3 *rolls eyes*. But I got an Xbox 360 with Halo 3, got into it and loved it.  So seeing this trailer made me smile.

This trailer has Master Chief and the many random humans you will see around him. A genetically modified human made into a super soldier to help humanity fight off against alien forces who want to, destroy humans? Enslave humans? Destroy all life? No idea! But with Cortana, John 117 will find out the reason and stop these alien forces. The only things I didn't get from this trailer are 5 things... 1 Where is the Halo Ring? 2. Where is the UNSC Soldiers? 3. Where is that bad-ass talking soldier with the moustache? 4. Are we getting the beginning? And 5. Where is the voice actor for the Master Chief as it didn't really sound like him. Other than that, this looked good so we will see how this goes.


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