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(trailer review) - Fistful of Vengeance

I'm going to be honest with you. I am not that moved! I'm not! Hear me out. It might actually be, just me, but although there were some really cool shots, imagery and action...some of the fighting scenes didn't look that great. Weirdly enough, the fighting didn't really move me although the action did. Some of that hand to hand combat seemed slow and stagnant. Maybe I'm on my own here but the fight between The Winter Soldier and Captain America in Captain America: The Winter Soldier looked more gripping and engaging, but with that said, that Axe scene? Loved it. I am honestly split on this.

I like this guy as his fighting is often really good and if you have NOT seen The Raid, what are you actually doing with your life? If these types of movies are your thing, The Raid is definitely up your street and you need to get into it. I am not too sure about the English "dubbing" accents, but this film looks ok at best. I'm likely to watch it on a Friday night with some nachos or popcorn getting it in for some Friday night entertainment. I think what annoys me more about this situation is that, Netflix and their advertising is abysmal at best. The first and only trailer I am assuming. Let's see, aye. Hopefully it is good. I do have one question though, does that woman have special powers? And he doesn't right? Ok, ok, let's see.


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