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(trailer review) - Sonic the Hedgehog 2

I watched the first movie (not when it came out, but eventually) and to my surprise, I actually enjoyed it, so when they mentioned they will be doing a Sonic 2, I was surprised but delighted.  I mean, why would I not want to watch a movie based off of a video game that was a nice watch.  Charming, funny and...well, Jim Carey.  A few months down the line, they even announced Idris Elba and considering his voicework for Sher Khan in Disney's "Live Action" Jungle Book, I could only assume this sequel would equally be great.

This trailer is alright and it looks like they are sticking to the charm of what made the first one good and upping the ante with Tails added and Knuckles.  It looks like they might also be taking a few liberties with the Knuckles character, but if the fan are cool with it, then I'm sure it will be fine.  It's funny I just said that, because, the fans were not cool with the initial look of Sonic and the studio changed it up to look more accurate and with that, you got a more visually appealing Sonic and a decent story.  It does make me think. that other atrocities they were planning for the movie before the redesigning of the Hedgehog.  Let's see another trailer with More Knuckles though, that would be great.


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