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(trailer review) - Halo

Halo has been rumoured for possibly, a decade by now.  I mean the film Elysium came out in August 2013 and I'm pretty sure, at least 3-4 years before then, they have been talking about a Halo movie.  You see, Halo is based on a video game starring a character called John, number 117 but better known as Master Chief. There is all types of lore and background and such and maybe we will get into that in this series, but seeing lots of short films, fan films and the graphics for the Halo games, this HAD TO BE a movie at some point. Alas, they have decided to make this into a series.
The reason why this has taken soo long, is more about money, politics and the environment of video games made into movies.  Only recently, video games have caught traction and those behind movies and series (just like the comic book genre) are starting to under how they can deliver narrative from a video game (just like how it's taken years to do that with comic book stories) so having Halo as a series now, is a big deal!

Judging from this trailer, this looks good. I mentioned Elysium because when I watched that movie back in the day, it reminded me of Halo in a way and I'm guessing, because that movies wasn't well received, made Halo wait even longer, but with such shows like The Witcher, Game of Thrones and such, hopefully... hopefully this TV series by Paramount does well as the story of Halo is great and seeing the Master Chief in this trailer was cool. I think we just need to see some Grunts and Brutes as well as characters like The Arbiter. Yoooo, can we have Keith David still? Such a great voice actor.


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