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(rendom film review) - Encanto

I was going to watch this movie yesterday, but I got distracted.  So I watched it today on the trusty ol' Disney Plus and whilst I didn't much care for the movie when it was advertised and when trailers came out, upon hearing how good it was and/or charming, it's December 29th 2021.  It's like 12:00pm, what else am I going to do?  So of course, I watched it.  Was the film as good as people have said it was. Ummm, yeah.

Encanto is about a woman who is blessed with a magical house when she loses her partner.  Left alone with 3 children to raise, she eventually raise these three children in this magical house and when the children become of age, a door within the magical house is presented and if chosen, you are imbued with magical talents. This is then seen to be passed down through generations and generations however, when Mirabel Madrigal (Stephanie Beatriz) is not granted any powers, she tries to find a way to simply live with being different in her family, but with the pressure of not being special like the rest of her siblings and family, she goes on a quest to search and try and find what her real purpose is.

I loved this movie.  The ending, I felt was a little weak and I didn't really understand it, but other than that, I loved the meaning/story behind this movie.  In a lot of families and likely more prevalent in families of people of colour, there is a pressure, unspoken or even spoken to please or perform. A pressure to be or do what family see you as not allowing you to be your own person.  These pressures can make or break people and in some or many cases, cast you aside from your family due to arguments or the butting of heads leading family members no longer talking/communicating.  These are very real themes and Disney touches on these themes with majesty.

At first, I thought there was going to be some kind of death and Disney was going to pull on my heart strings that way because they are always killing off a parent or something like that, but the formula on this one is different and touches you in a different way.  The animation was by far, the best animated photorealistic animation I have ever scene so far and although the magical house seemed a little crazy at first, I settled into it and really enjoyed it for what it was, along with the music numbers.  Whilst there was only one song that didn't really work with me, there was another song that was (I believe in Spanish) that was great. I loved it. I loved what it was saying any it touched me in a way that warmed my heart.

Whilst not aimed at my demographic, the film has a general appeal to adults and well as children who are yet to make choices in their life as they are not sure where they are going or know where they are going but feel a type of way due to family and what they bring to the table under "duress" in some cases. This film was funny! The voice acting was great and the storytelling was soo spot on.  One of my favourite characters was a character who could hear everything including over long distances. The way they used this character was amazing and was very accurate (in my opinion) to the portrayal of people with her ability. I also loved the interaction between Dolores Madrigal and one of her cousins and the way she would react towards them.  The film was a great watch and uplifting as well sad in some places. A nice watch between time if you want something to watch which is fun and enjoyable.  It's also on Disney Plus.


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