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(trailer review) - The Witcher: Season 2

(Teaser Trailer)

Now this is a much better trailer than the last one.  This trailer shows us MORE rather than bits of what happened in season one and damn, does this look like the money has gone into it.  I'm not saying that the first season looked like no money was out into it, but it definitely looks like a quality jump.

And as I have said before, the issue o had with the first season, whilst I got into it, I couldn't get INTO it and found it hard to track.  The backwards and forwards through time was messing with me and I couldn't follow the story well, hopefully, season two will not have any of that for those with simple minds, eh?  I'm really liking the look of this and the characters with come to know.  It would be interesting how big in scope this story will go, because it IS looking a lot grander!


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