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(trailer review) - Masters of the Universe: Revelation - Part 2

When I finished the first part (and like many others, I never knew it was a first part), I thought it was good.  The twist at the end had me shocked and smiling and I thought it was a great idea, however...the internet cried foul!  The internet went up in flames and fanboys cried and attacked Kevin Smith in any way they could.  Some even said they were done with him and his films etc.  Me, I was unbothered.  Why? Well, it wasn't all of the story.  This second part trailer though, is GREAT!!!

There are going to be people who say silly things like, "they had to show this trailer and all the action" not realising it was all apart of the plan and of you ask me, the scale of this! The fact that Prince Adam says he can channel himself INTO He-Man without the Sword.....JUST WOW! Lion-O needs to grow his sword and Bravestarr needs to say chants.  I can see a bunch of people eating their words and I wish I had the links of those who were upset because I would definitely like to hear/witness their reaction when they see this trailer.  It really looks like Kevin did the business with this show and I hope those who were upset are pleasantly surprised and rejoice in this trailer.  Should the second part be as epic as this trailer, the. I hope Kevin gets reverse backslash for what he has done to the franchise, praise and possible scope to do much much more.


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