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(trailer review) - Lightyear


Here's something funny!  I heard about this a while back and although I've seen the thumbnail picture a couple times, this was not something that had stuck with me so ultimately, I completely forgot about it.  Now, upon watching this trailer, I'm legit taken aback with ALL THE DAMN QUESTIONS!!!!

Whilst I knew the voice was going to be Chris Evans, this trailer had me asking... "Is this like another Toy Story?", "Is it considered a Toy Story Spin-off", "No, wait...this is the Buzz Lightyear that the Buzz Lightyear toy is based off of IN the Toy Story Cartoon movies, right?", "Wait, Pixar!?!", "Does this mean we could get a Woody?"  I had ALL the questions!!! But upon watching this trailer, although very "word-less", this trailer looks great. I'm loving the animation and I would love to see the Buzz Lightyear character and his universe which doesn't pertain to the Toy Story movies, if that makes sense.  Also, I got a slight Final Space vibe from it.

Directed By Angus Maclane and starring Chris Evans


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