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(trailer review) - The Harder They Fall

(Official Teaser Trailer)

I did say in my last review that the trailer for this film is superb, but damn...this one is just that much better.  It's Black History Month here in the UK and I feel Netflix could have done us a Solid by dropping this a touch early because 3rd November 2021 is a long wait.

While it is nice to see an all-star black cast like this, the visuals, the music, everything just looks stunning! It looks like Jonathan Major's character is after Idris Elba and his gang who broke him out of prison for whatever reasons, maybe he is a sherif of that town or maybe there is a personal vendetta, but having this story played out, where if I'm not mistaken is actually based on or loosely based on true events, will be a sight to behold.

As  said in my last review, 'I cannot wait to see this and learn more about these people in history as in most film and westerns, you don't ever really see black people as they are usually far and few, so it is nice to have some representation', but having looked on wikipedia (which might not be the best for information at times), the gang was multicultural , so the liberties the director has taken with this, I'm not sure I am fully with because it then doesn't help with explaining or showing the motives of the non-black characters/people and why they were a part of the gang.  But as long as the film is as great as the trailer, then we should be cool!

Directed by Jeymes Samuel and starring Jonathan Majors,Idris Elba,Zazie Beetz,LaKeith Stanfield,Delroy Lindo,Regina King,Trailer,Trailer Review,

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