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(trailer review) - Ambulance

Ok Michael.  I'm sure I can address Mr. Bay as Michael at this rate.  I've never been one to shy away from saying what I dislike about Michael Bay's directing and have also labelled Zach Snyder as a better Michael Bay than Michael Bay, but I'm pretty sure I've said somewhere that occasionally, just occasionally, Michael Bay will pull out some great movies from time to time.  I'm not going to rack my brain as to which movies I can pull for example, other than Pain & Gain, for now, but he DOES have it in him than glorified swirling shots and unnecessarily explosions.  The fact he got two (arguably) great actors, in their prime, dropping nothing but great content of recent, I have to be involved with this movie, regardless of how I have felt over Michael Bay's directing of Yahya right now might even be considered to be the hardest working man next to or has even surpassed Dwayne Johnson at this point!

Two brothers, adopted brothers, (I think of the Four Brothers movie) and it seems as though, the premise is, they grew up together and are very close but having both served in the military, one is trying to pay for medical bills for his wife whilst the over devises a plan to get the money and more in a heist which goes wrong.  They hijack an Ambulance with a cop inside in critical condition and a medic working on him, they try to use the Ambulance to evade the police, maybe even save the policeman inside and simply escape unscathed, alive and what they came to do, get the money to save the wife.  And although I said swirling shots etc, this movie has Michael Bay all over it.  I mean he is quite great with the camera, but I kid you not, if this movie didn't have Jake and Yahya in this and any random actors, I wouldn't be too bothered about this movie.  To me it looks like Four Brothers, mixed with Baby Driver and Speed and if I'm honest, that intrigues me.

Directed by Michael Bay and starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Eiza González

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