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(trailer review) - The Suicide Squad

( Rebellion Trailer ) ( Red Band Trailer )  Red Band Trailer - Please note adult themed material. First and foremost, this trailer came out of nowhere.  Secondly, this trailer bangs! Or slaps! Whatever word you want to associate with something that tickles your pickle and you really enjoyed it, because this here, is that trailer.  The first Suicide Squad movie was passable, but only just.  I had a good time with it but I had to forgive a lot of things I just didn't like.  This trailer looks like I'm just going to like every moment of the movie because James Gunn IS a very good director! We get a bit of the story this time around, Project Starfish and the crew that will be accompanying Bloodsport, a man who took down Superman. I mean, what? A bunch of villains together trying to save the world? I'm not sure how they will explain the absence of superheroes especially as you have a Shazam, a Superman, a Batman, a Wonder Woman or Aquaman, so on and so forth, but judging by how

(trailer review) - Snake Eyes

( Teaser Trailer ) At the end of the trailer, it says Snake Eyes and in very small it says G.I. Joe Origins.  I guess that is a way to tell people that this is part of the G.I. Joe franchise so people won't be confused.  However, I'm not even sure if that is a good thing!  Could Snake Eyes make that money without it being "linked" to the G.I Joe series which has been for the most part, pants!?  I guess we will never know now, but Bumblebee was a great film, but because it wasn't titled Transformers: Bumblebee, there is an argument to be made that, the movie just was not recognised and people didn't know what it was so they never saw it.  It's a tough one because everyone remembers X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but then, don't we just want to see ninja's fight? Sometimes the trailer sells itself, no? With that said, this trailer has definitely sold me.  A man with no real family working at a fish factory saves a fellow worker/friend and is taken away to

(film review) - The Hitman's wife's Bodyguard

I'm going to start off with...maybe I should have re-watched the first one before watching this.  Although I remember the first one, very vaguely, I remembered it was funny in places and it was simply Ryan Reynolds doing Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson doing Samuel L. Jackson with a lot of craziness involved and guns. In this case, the sequel, this is more of the same but, I'm not sure if it was the drink, tiredness or straight delirium, but this movie had me laughing sooo hard, I was streaming tears and struggling to breathe.  It actually took me out of the film for possibly 5 minutes because I was trying to catch my breath back and stop crying! #Sigh #Goodtimes Michael Bryce is a Bodyguard, or in this case, a former bodyguard.  Traumatised and suffering from PTSD, he wants out of the life and wants to make peace with it.  However, whilst trying to get away from it all and trying to get some peace and relaxation, Sonia Kincaid finds him and drags him back into the fold of

(trailer review) - Space Jam: A New Legacy

( Trailer 1 ) This trailer is a little better I think.  You get to see more of the characters, more of the story and it looks better than just a Ready Player One with a Basketball, trailer.  More emphasis on the characters which is always a good look and the story. I'm still not sure if I am interested in watching the movie though as I'm not a LeBron fan...and him as an actor? Hmmm.... I don't care for the franchise, but...I guess it could be fun.  I mean who doesn't like a Looney Tunes character? Bugs, Daffy, Porky? I mean, that Wild E. Coyote bit had me laughing as he's always in the thick of something mad he does to himself.  The animation and new look of the characters look great too...not quite The Lion King but it looks good enough.  That end tag with Granny saying "Haters gonna hate" was funny! Maybe another trailer might actually sell me, but I really want a new "Hit 'Em High" music video with the same rappers!  Please make that happe

(trailer review) - Masters of the Universe: Revelation

I can guarantee you that men and some women born in the 70's to 80's are actually humming "I Need a Hero" right now!  Well I certainly am.  From those who brought us 'Blood of Zeus' and 'Castlevania', both on Netflix, 'Masters of the Universe' will also be a Netflix situation brought to us by none other than Kevin Smith.   The 1980's was an explosive year for cartoons AND film and it has been extremely difficult to recreate content from that era. Macho men, some campiness here and there, but to recapture some of these top shows is difficult, unless you are able to have lived through that error and understand the modern day sensibilities along with storytelling and animation.  This trailer looks like the team behind Kevin Smith has hit the nail on the head with this one.  I get a Castlevania vibe for obvious reasons, but the fighting, the magic, the animation.  We just need another trailer with some dialogue and we are in! This looks like it

(trailer review) - No Sudden Move

Now this looks like a great all star cast, from Don Cheadle, Benicio del Toro, Ray Liotta, Jon Hamm and even David Harbour, Brandon Fraser and Bill Duke...I'm actually loving the line-up as well as this trailer as it looks really good. Very humorous is a black comedy type of way.  Almost Wes Anderson-like. A period crime thriller centred around a group of small-time criminals who are hired to babysit a man's wife and child whilst the husband is tasked to get some classified documents, then to go home to his wife and child who seem to be "held hostage"; what seemed as a simple job which goes awry with bounties on their heads and the cops trying to catch them, they realise they were stitched up. From the director of the Ocean's "Trilogy", Contagion, Magic Mike & Logan Lucky, Steven Soderbergh has here, what seems to be a very entertaining film on his hands with one of the best lines I've heard in a while  "The problem is, you're not smart

(trailer review) - Reminiscence

He has been Wolverine in the X-Men franchise for years and there would be a ton of people who would only know him for that role, especially as he was in that role for 16 years or so, with that said, Hugh is a great actor outside of Logan.  Prisoners, Swordfish, The Prestige, Real Steal, just to name a few, but this film looks great! Looking like Inception, the city Jack and Mal built, but is now surrounded in water, and with a similar concept of entering a device, but not to live out your dreams and make whatever world you want, but to delve deep into your memories and relive them, this seems phenomenal.  It reminds me of that Black Mirror episode 'The Entire History of you' where you can record things as you see them and then recall them at any moment and also project them onto walls to relive a moment.  There is a quote in this movie that stuck out to me "nothing is more addictive than the past", which reminded me of how people would remember the glory days or when

(film review) - Cruella

Emma Stone is a fantastic actor.  I think I knew her from 'Zombieland' back in 2009, a film I loved.  I also remember her from 'Gangster Squad' and she was great as Gwen Stacy in 'The Amazing Spider-Man'.  When I saw her in one of my least mentioned but loved movies, 'Birdman (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)', is when I thought to myself, "That girl from Zombieland is really really good".  From then I heard about her performance in 'La La Land' and the Awards she won, she is definitely a natural talent and to think she even came back for 'Zombieland: Double Tap' shows how A-Class she is as a person.  Her performance in Cruella, well the film in of itself, hmmm...well she's great and doesn't disappoint.  I'll Explain. Estella Miller was born different.  She had different colour hair from birth and was a jovial and rebellious child with a cruel streak.  Nicknamed Cruella by her mother, Estella had a talent for fash

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