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(trailer review) - Last Night in Soho

I do like me some Edgar Wright!  The first film I learned to be his was Shaun of the Dead, a favourite of mines.  To be fair, the Cornetto Trilogy is a favourite of mine.  If you are unaware of what the 'Cornetto Trilogy' is, it's a series of films that has a Cornetto in it.  Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and At Worlds End, the latter I didn't like as much as the first two.  I don't think I really made the connection that it was him who directed Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, but by the time Baby Driver came out, I knew who he was as his name circled the MCU's Ant-Man project for years.  He's still credited as the writer.  Out of the 6 films he has directed, I've seen 5 and with a talent like Edgar, I will continue to see many more, just like this one as well.

This trailer starts off nice and subtle but gradually gets creepier and creepier.  I like Anya Taylor-Joy as she has been brilliant in the few things I've seen her in, but I am really intrigued by the plot of this and how it all works.  It threw me, that a "modern" looking girl was walking through the past, but then in a mirrored reflection, a different body is reflected as her...wild.  It's a thumb's up for me.  Oh, and General Zod, Terrence Stamp is in this! Definitely a must see.

Directed by Edgar Wright and starring Thomasin McKenzie, Anya Taylor-Joy, Matt Smith, Diana Rigg, Rita Tushingham & Terrence Stamp

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