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(film review) [STREAMING] - Army of the Dead

Ok, first and foremost....I really enjoyed this film.  I've mentioned in previous reviews that I didn't realise I was a Zack Snyder fan.  I hadn't realised that I really enjoyed most of if not all of his movies.  I wrote something at the time about him having made a bunch of movies and me seeing practically all of them bar 2 not realising, but having now seen this movie, Zack Snyder is a great director, he knows what his audience/fans want.  I might have even mentioned something like, "a better Michael Bay than Michael Bay".  Whilst there might be some Michael Bay fans who may disagree...come at me bro!

Scott is a mercenary trying to live a normal life although there has been a Zombie pandemic that has broken out in a now controlled area of Las Vegas.  However, a casino owner,  Bly Tanaka decides with his colleague that they want to send a bunch of people through a zombie infested area to carry out a heist on his casino vault to steal $200 Million, however as crazy as the task is, with one helicopter on the roof of the casino for their getaway, they are on a time limit as all the Zombies in the controlled area will be nuked!  Scott gets together a bunch of trusted people he feels will be able to carry out the job efficiently, but when things don't go exactly according to plan on the job, it is a race to grab the money and run....oh and try not to get eaten by a zombie or nuked.

As I stated earlier, I enjoyed this film.  Hell, I loved it!  Whilst some elements of the movie could have been telegraphed, Zack knows how to direct something which is a very entertaining watch.  The characters were great even if one was CGI'ed in throughout the already wrapped movie...seamlessly.  The tension in places reminded me of Aliens and there is reason to believe some elements like a specific character was paying homage to a character in Aliens because I thought of that character instantly.  I loved Omari "Ghost" Hardwick's character as he was very intense, but the character he was paired up with made for great comedic banter.  Dave Bautista was also great (and continues to be in film) as the lead guy and the interaction he has with a specific person and although the film does follow the typical horror tropes in places, there was a specific scene involving a elevator I really didn't expect and I audibly gasped out loud and covered my mouth.

The film is also beautifully shot.  The angles and to an extent, the depth of field was OK at best but slightly distracting as it seems Zack was trying something new, but other than that, I didn't really have a complaint about the movie at all as it hit in all the right places.  The different variants of Zombie were great although as first glance didn't seem obvious but how these zombies were presented were even better.  I feel there is another story to be told with the zombies and the different variants as it goes because there seems to be much more to this world than meets the eye...especially the Alien involvement.  I'd love to see the planned Anime 'Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas' and the already shot prequel, although I'm wondering if this will hint at the zombie pandemic or not or maybe characters for a future movie.  Also it's not that scary either.


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