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(film review) - Mortal Kombat

It's interesting, I am a "gamer" (I say that loosely because trying to find time to play games is limited) and when I can, I'll turn on the ol' Xbox and play something.  I remember my first console in fact, it was a Nintendo and I could see the console's box through the Argos bag my mum was carrying as it was a birthday present.  I was sooo happy.  I remember when I first played Mortal Kombat for the first time.  I'm pretty sure I bought it first hand (as I did buy a lot of second hand games when I was younger) and I thought the game looked a little weird.  The graphics were nothing like anything I'd seen in a fighting game before, but eventually, after Mortal Kombat II and Mortal Kombat 3, I was slightly, a fan...but I did prefer Street Fighter.  You see back then, it was either Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat (because there always has to be a one or the other with these things, you, but I never really got into the lore of MK although I really enjoyed the fatalities, secret characters and the gore.  Up to this day, Mortal Kombat is still going and we are on Mortal Kombat 11 in 2021.  I've not played it and I am not in a rush to either.  This movie, apparently the writer and director wanted to give the fans what they desire from a Mortal Kombat movie as the 1995 guilty pleasure version is, well...ok at best but didn't really go into the lore.  But does this one? Well...

Mortal Kombat centres around a character named Cole (absent from the games) who is a MMA fighter who finds himself unwittingly caught up in a fight between the Earthrealm and Netherrealm.  Special Forces Major Jax and Sonya Blade are tracking down a Tournament called Mortal Kombat when they find Cole and with the help of Kano venture to Netherrealm to meet Raiden the God of Thunder to help him defeat the Soul Eating Shang Tsung.

All I ever really wanted from this movie was characters, fighting, fatalities and a few laughs and while I'd agree, I am only partially the demographic this film is aimed at, in fact I am fully the demographic it is aimed at (I am just not that interested in the story), I'd like to say I had fun with this movie because it gave me exactly what I wanted.  Without going into too much spoilers, a lot of the original characters are there, whilst other characters are hinted at for future instalments.  The beginning fight with Hanzo and Bi-Han is great and quite impactful, however the character who stole the movie in every scene was Kano.  By far, the most redeeming thing about the movie and why the movie is soo entertaining.  Although I have heard other viewers and likely, fans claim the film is terrible, rubbish or trash, I'd like to say, there are a multitude of reasons as to why this is and why they may also feel this way.  The story is rushed and poorly executed.  Another 20 minutes to 30 minutes could really help this movie with pace, fleshing out the characters and the story.  The dialogue is clunky and definitely not the best.  Some of the acting is wooden and personally, I felt they could have had more canon fodder so we could see more fatalities and fight scenes.  The special effects is ok at best and whilst the fight scenes were cool, this movie could have easily have been The Raid meets Lord of the Rings...ok, maybe not Lord of the Rings but something a little fantasy-like with grittier fight scenes.  This film is lacking a few things, but for me, does just enough for it to work.  First time Director Simon McQuoid didn't do too bad on his first outing, but possibly with some assistance in future, could pull out something a lot better than this one, although this one isn't terrible.

The film is a fun mess and while I'd say nothing to write home about, chances are, you would actually like to write home and tell your family and friends that the movie isn't that great, but you are intrigued to see more and actually want more.  Lets hope we do get more, aye.

Red Band Trailer - Please note adult themed material.

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