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(trailer review) - WandaVision

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Maybe I'm looking at this all wrong.  When you watch shows on TV, some of these shows have, "next week on..." and this is likely to be what is happening here.  However, a big part of me seems to think that Disney/Marvel are being reactionary.

WandaVision is a huge talking point at the moment.  There are podcasts about it on ALL the forums from Clubhouse to Stereo to YouTube, the Marvel Cinematic Universe hype-train is BACK!  With that said, I have seen a few reviewers and such comment on the structure and rollout of this series.  While I think the structure was perfect from episode 1 - 4 with the first two episodes and then onto episode 3 and then 4 weekly, there has been a lot of talk of "losing fans", "losing newbies/newcomers" and if you are not a fan of the MCU or know nothing about it and you are presented with this show first, you are likely to not be interested.  To have the first THREE episode to drop and THEN onto episodes 4 and then 5 weekly would have been the preferred choice.  Dedicated fans who love the MCU and what they have done over the past 13 years with 23 movies and now a TV show dedicated and set within the same universe may drive fans away.  And with that I say, poppycock!

I will stand firm and say, you can NOT be a fan and NOT trust Marvel and the brilliance that is Kevin Feige.  Granted, there could be an argument to say that it is possible Marvel has lost it since Endgame and the momentum and spirit isn't there anymore for a Marvel TV and film medium since we have had nothing for a while.  There is an argument to be made that the BUZZ is simply not there any more due to a terrible 2020 with the pandemic and such, but if you were a fan, you would stick it out, you would wait to see how the show panned out (it's not like we have much better to do at the moment anyway due to lockdowns etc).  If you were NEW, why would you start on a TV show when there has been 13 years of film and a huge story arc leading to one of the highest grossing movies of all time, actually, according to '' The biggest box office hit of all time is Avengers: Endgame with $2,797,800,564 billion (i'm not even sure how to read this figure accurately), so it makes me wonder, why would someone start with WandaVision and then throw in the towel complaining like they are not going to come back!? Make it make sense!

I could be wrong, but from this mid-season trailer alone and what is now starting to unfold in WandaVision, we are now in the second act of the "movie" and we are now cooking with gas...and this trailer tells us so!

Directed by Matt Shakman and starring Elizabeth Olsen, Paul Bettany, Teyonah Parris, Kat Dennings, Randall Park & Kathryn Hahn.


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