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(film review) [STREAMING] - Soul

While the world has been in turmoil, Disney's Pixar decided to release this movie on Disney Plus, free of charge.  Unlike Mulan, where they were testing the waters and people had to pay extra on top of their Disney Plus package, Soul is completely free with the monthly subscription.  As for Soul though, when I first heard about it, I thought it was a nice idea.  A black animated cartoon for the kids as we don't get much of those and Pixar are pretty decent when it comes to storytelling and the inside adult jokes.  Needless to say, I do have fun with their movies.  Soul...Well, let me let you know how I felt about Soul...

So, Joe is an aspiring Jazz Musician.  He is currently working in a school as a teacher but he is only a substitute.  Having made it into his midlife, Joe has not found a career or a job with great benefits as he has spent his life chasing his dream.  Joe enjoys live gigs and the feeling it brings him, however, one day Joe takes on a gig which could change his life forever, but after the rehearsals, Joe falls into a man-hole and dies.  Once dead, Joe is accompanied by an un-lived spirit named 22 who hasn't lived, where the both of them are ultimately tasked with soul searching and what it really means to be alive.

I could have gone into more detail, but you'd either want to watch it or it would just seem uninteresting.  With that said, I really enjoyed this movie.  Free with my monthly subscription which is cool, but the film for itself was really good.  I absolutely loved the life beyond concept and the other bit.  Nobody knows what the life beyond is like to report back to us and let us humans know, but I loved the explanations given.  When we think of concepts and what our brain can understand and find a rationale, I loved the fact that these visuals were simply lines.  There was something soo great about that.  I also liked the accountant Terry and the way he acted and was handled, which was soo true to real life, as I bellowed out laughing on occasion.  There were some really great lines in this movie, such as "You can't crush a soul here, that's what life on Earth is for" and a few visual gags like the famous Instagram pose, you'll know it when you see it.

A few things I didn't get nor understand, as there was a scene where Joe is talking to his mother, but then he is talking to his mother and it isn't him talking.  So in my head I was wondering how did that work unless they decided to just skip the back and forth - You'll know what scene I'm referring to when you see it.  Another thing I didn't understand was the Cat. Why the Cat? I guess we needed the cat to help tell the story to get a better understanding of life and living, but I just felt although it made sense, maybe we could have had something else.

The animation is amazing though.  I wasn't sure about the character design at first but it grew on me.  The details in the animation were great at moments but I'm sure I've seen sharper details in a Toy Story for example, but it was still great.  The Voice Acing was totally on point.  I am not aware of Questlove having done voice acting before but everyone sounded spot on.  The Barbershop scene was great and provided some comical moments and some deep conversations held.  The experiences were all there and I loved how true to life it was.  I also really enjoyed the story behind the movie too, in which I won't go into, but sometimes life changes us or our dreams doesn't let us experience life in it's rawest form.  Sometimes we have ideas and dreams that we will never be able to obtain because of life throwing a curveball.  A little like Inside Out and A Christmas Carol and definitely re-watchable.  It would have been nice to know or get to know who Lisa was, though, just to add a bit more to Joe and provide more context.  A must watch if you have Disney Plus.


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