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(trailer review) - The Batman

While a lot of us are trying to understand as to why there is ANOTHER Batman film, we need to first understand that Hollywood is a business and whatever makes the most money, they will milk it dry and then move onto the next.  With that said, we also need to understand that Warner Bros. who own Detective Comics (DC) in its entirety and all of its characters, will do whatever they can in order to gross the most amount of money in their films.  This also means using what has been successful.

The issue we had with Spider-Man (from Sony) and the multiple Spider-Men movies over the years were due to many things; too much studio control or influence, no plan or structure, lacklustre storylines etc and that isn't to mention the signed contracts and having to produce a movie every so often before the rights revert back to Marvel, like what happened with Daredevil, Punisher, Ghost Rider etc.  With Batman, it is a different type of "struggle".  Although Batman was successful on film in 1989 and then had a major dip a little later, Batman has been most successful in recent years since Christopher Nolan's 'Batman Begins'.  Everyone loves the Batman character and for the most part, he is easy to put together on film.  A lunatic dressed as a Bat goes around beating people up and stopping crime in his city, due to the loss of his parents as a child.  But the problem is, we now have Batman fatigue and we don't know who is playing Batman, which world/universe or whatever.  Do any of us even care anymore?

I do!  But for me, it's more of a, which story are they going to tell and are they going to do it successfully.  Also, is this a standalone movie not connected to anything or will we have other characters from the DC catalogue of heroes and villains.  Also Batman has a huge rogues gallery, so why do we need to see another Joker and the same faces over an over.
What I will say is, WB may have only just caught their stride and they are making movies whether it is a standalone movie or team/universe/interconnected movie and they are forcing the audience to understand that these movies will be different and while some will be connected, other may not and if I'm honest, I am totally cool with that.  If you think about it, they can make soo much more money with two Batmen running around, one connected and one not, because people will see Batman and people will be forced to identify which is which and that is not a bad thing.  Those who care will take note, those who don't, wont.  I just want them to introduce more characters now.

As for this teaser trailer though, it's not garbage at all.  From Matt Reeves, the guy that brought us the last two recent Planet of the Apes movies, this trailer looks great.  Dark, gritty, with a noir feel to it.  We see Jim Gordon, Catwoman and possibly a Robin.  Batman is using a grappling hook and beating up thugs like he should.  We even see the Batmobile.  This is Batman starting out which is different to Batman Begins and this looks good!  Imagine, they are currently still filming and this teaser trailer is great.

Directed by Matt Reeves an starring Robert Pattinson, Zoë Kravitz, Paul Dano, Jeffrey Wright, John Turturro, Peter Sarsgaard, Barry Keoghan, Jayme Lawson, Andy Serkis, Colin Farrell


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