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(trailer review) - Bloodshot

(International Trailer)

(Official Trailer)

So, they have dropped another trailer for Bloodshot and I'm honestly wondering if anyone really cares.  The movie is due out in March and we are coming into mid-january and I'm wondering, "is Sony shooting themselves in the foot?" I mean, I am sure they are on a Hugh from releasing the Morbius trailer yesterday, but for releasing this Internaitional trailer now?  To be fair, it's not too early for another trailer but Vin Diesel isn't really a bankable star, unfortunately, or at least, doesn't seem to be.
Stating this is a comicbook movie in the trailer COULD push the movie and propel it higher, but at this rate and from what I believe, people just want good movies with a good enough of great story behind it.

A few news shots in this Internaitional trailer and A LOT of Wolvering/Ironman nanobots self healing shown.  Another pairticular shot that stood out to me was the motorbike scene (because there is always a motorbike scene) and it is a blink and you will miss it (I rewound 3 times), someone leaping and clearing a moving car (and what looks like) running through a walk.  What amazed me about this shot was the leaping of the car when the car is coming from the sides of you, NOT directly or from behind.  Impressive.
Hopefully, Vin Diesel does well with this as The Least Witch Hunter & Riddick didn't do too well in North America and better worldwide.  The Return of Xander Cage, did excellent worldwide.  Maybe he is just a worldwide star?  Whatever it is, let's hope this movie catches on because this trailer won me over just that little bit more.

Directed by David Wilson and starring Vin Desel, Eiza González, Guy Pearce, Sam Heughan & Toby Kebbell,


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