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(trailer review) - Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Season 7

A Friend was telling me about The Clone Wars cartoon for a while and even stated how good it was.  I am a Star Wars fan, as well as Star Trek, but for me I like them both for very different reasons.  Star Trek, the ships and tech, Star Wars for the ships and story.  With both, but more Star Wars, I like to go deep with the lore, so watching The Clone Wars was great.

I only jumped in from around season 4 (I think), but the shows got better and better until they were cancelled a few years back.  But this last and final season, season 7 looks great!  The only problem with this trailer is, some of the well know characters we have been following in other shows since season 6 will not hold much weight, but with that said, the animation looks amazing and to hear that they will be covering 'Order 66', I am, down!!!  I'm here for Ahsoka, really.
It's a pity Disney+ is talking FOREVER to come out in the UK!!!

Directed by Dave Feloni


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