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(series review) [STREAMING] - YOU: Season 2

So, when this show first started, a few of my friends kept asking me, "Have you seen, YOU?", "Are you watching, YOU?", "Let me know when you start watching, YOU!" and I tried to get through it initially and was only able to get through 3-4 episodes.  When I saw the trailer for season 2, I was determined to get through it so that I could start the new season.

So, I rushed through season 1 and by the end of it, I was shocked.  This Joe guy is an absolute mad man, but for some reason, with his twisted outlook on life and love, you somewhat sympathize with him to a degree because, I guess everyone wants to love and be loved, right?  So, as the season finishes, you wonder what is going to happen to Joe, next.  You are left invested.

Season 2 picks up with Joe having moved from New York to Los Angeles and he finds himself in a very similar situation with falling for a lady named "Love".  But as the episodes go on, life for Joe becomes as complex as Joe's life usually gets with his past haunting him for his actions in season 1.  Things become even more complicated with Love's twin brother "Forty", who is a flamboyant, arrogant, entitled, rich kid whose Los Angeles friends and lifestyle present problems for Joe's Love.

This season was brilliant.  Having watched season 1 and watching season 2, you find yourself siding and rooting for Joe, EVEN WHEN HE KILLS SOMEONE, it's really disturbing, if you think about it.  You really want Joe to get love, but also you are wondering if he will get caught due to his actions, but slyly don't want him to get caught because what he is doing, for the most part and in a sick way, is good!? His morals are in the wrong place, completely, although his heart is mostly in the right place as he cares deeply in other ways.

The acting among everything else is excellent.  Very well shot and directed.  The cliffhangers are as great as they usually are as the first episode for a start was pretty much plain until the very end when the twist hits.  The end of episode 4 was completely bonkers and then everything else picks up after the crazy ending of episode 8 and every other episode after that.  The series even finishes with an unexpected twist which now has you wondering what is next for Joe and this is what YOU does best.

Although I found the use of the word 'YOU' a little distracting as I felt they over used the word and I absolutely hated the names Forty and Love, but I guess that played into the characters eccentric parents.  Joe is a very flawed character with many layers and among other things, keeps you invested.  At this point though, I'm not entirely sure how far they can take the series but is definitely a series to check it out and see.


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