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(trailer review) - Wendy

Ok, so the first thing that caught me off guard was that, Peter Pan is a black (person of colour) child? I had to watch the trailer 3-4 times just to make sure I understood what they were doing here.... and I love it!  I mean other than the fact that, all I could think about whilst watching this trailer is, 'The Goonies', wild children and bad parenting, this film looks very heartfelt and also very modern in comparison to previous Peter Pan outings and also not very fantastical. It would seem like it is more rooted and grounded with small fantasy elements, ie whatever our imagination can conjure up and in this case, these children.  I'm interested in seeing another trailer and seeing where they will go with this. Not really my type of movie, unless they get but a bit more fantastical with it, but it has caught my attention.

Directed by Benh Zeitlin and starring Tommie Lynn Milazzo and Shay Walker


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