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(trailer review) - Skin Walker

Is this a silly name or is it just perfect for what the film is about?  As for the trailer, all I could get from it is a woman having a disfigured baby, the baby mentioned as being dead and an angry father whilst a woman is in despair and seems to be losing it whilst her or another woman seem to think the baby is still alive.  So, it's a matter of proving who is lying and getting back the child and proving that, that person wasn't going mad because the family is holding back secrets?  I don't know and I could be wrong but this film does intrigue me.  I'll wait for a better trailer to tell a "better" story before I can say I am fully invested.  Still seems like a silly name, though.

Directed by Christian Neuman and starring Udo Kier, Jefferson Hall & Amber Anderson 


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