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(trailer review) - Fantasy Island

You see, I remember the name but I can't say I remember the show of the same name.  Must be one of those things where you hear of the name a lot but have no idea what it is.  With that said and when I did a little research on it, I remembered the little guy named Tattoo and recognise the main dude.  I think the little guy was in a James Bond film with, Roger Moore?

Anyway, from looks of the trailer, this looks like a spooky yet freaky horror movie that obviously isn't going to go well at all.  I'm thinking Shutter Island but not a psychological thriller, just a straight, make a wish and the wish comes true in the most sinister way.  In fact, like the episode of Rick and Morty where Summer goes to work for The Devil and The Devil had beef with Rick (for those who know).  It doesn't look like a compelling role for Michael Peña and this could all be a bit lackluster, however I'm hoping there are some nice horror twists or it is just a waste of a franchise, especially as I'm sure they will want to Saw Franchise this.  And just because it is from the Producers of Get Out and Halloween, I'm still not bought.

Directed by Jeff Wadlow and starring Michael Peña, Maggie Q, Lucy Hale, Austin Stowell, and  Portia Doubleday


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