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(trailer review) - The Banker

Apple are now smack bang in the middle of the streaming wars, well they very soon will be and someone already told me of a series starring Jason Mamoa called "See" which is meant to be a really good watch and has a great concept.  So seeing this trailer obviously intrigued me due to Apple's efforts to plant themselves in this war with the calibre of projects and actors to rival Netflix (I'm sure and the new Disney+) so we shall see what more comes out from Apple TV.

Depending on scheduling and such, I do think Samuel L. Jackson is miscast for this role as it seems to me he is playing "himself" or a character that isn't that far removed from others he has done, but I am loving the 'based on a true story' aspect of the movie.  Anthony Mackie is definitely a very credible star and I do like Nicholas Hoult as he was brilliant in Fury Road and as Beast in the X-Men franchise.  I'm definitely interested in this story as I've heard nothing about it and am keen to learn.  It's just upsetting to see racism in these period pieces which are a reflection on true events that happened in the past.  How many successful black people and areas there would have been for a better America if those who could were allowed to.

Anyway, a definite watch for me.

Directed by George Nolfi and starring Anthony Mackie, Samuel L. Jackson, Nia Long and Nicholas Hoult.


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