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(trailer review) - 47 Hours

Ok, let's be real, some of these types of movies are straight garbage.  Anything for a cheap jump scare for a fast buck.  I can't say I've seen a Blumhouse movie that had done that or have heard of one, as for the most part, Blumhouse movies are decent and make a ton of money, but as soon as I saw those maggots in the girl's mouth and the guy getting hit by the car, I had a reaction.  I had to watch the trailer again and again to see part of the girl's face fall off, the other girl's mouth huge like a Titan from Attack on Titan and the blood spilling from a girls skirtand this is because they played some game.

It looks a little nasty and I'm currently in two minds about getting involved, but I do like creepy and this does weird in a creepy way.  The big mouth bit reminded me of the little boy in The Grudge, but then the way she  Ok, I'm kinda involved.

Directed by Patrick Johnson and starring  Allie Marie Evans, Annie Hamilton & Alexandria Deberry.


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