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(trailer review) - The Way Back

Depression in men is a real thing.  Alcoholism is a real thing.  Hardship is a real thing.  Escapism is a real thing.  All these things need to be addressed properly in life and the things we men use as escapism aren't always the best things for our physical and mental health, especially if we aren't all there mentally because we have been trying to fight or put aside what has been bothering us for years.  Ownership of our demons are healthy for healing.

I've watched this trailer 3 times and all 3 times has brought me very close to tears.  This trailer is a masterpiece.  It shows you a broken man.  For whatever reasons is an alcoholic and is very down on his luck and it seems the only joy he seems to get, is helping these young kids in coaching them through Basketball, but his demons are ever persistent.

Say what you will about Ben Affleck as a lot of people just don't like him.  I never used to, to be honest, kinda like Leonardo DiCaprio, but after watching 'The Town' I grew to appreciate him as an actor and excellent director.  I don't need to see any more trailers as I will be watching this. No, it's or buts.

Directed by GavinO'Conner and starring Ben Affleck


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