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(film review) - Knives Out

Rian Johnson is a director I got to know about when I watched a film starring one of my favourite actors, Bruce Willis.  The film was called 'Looper' and it involved a hitman or executioner (called a Looper) who kill those who have committed crimes in the future who have been sent back through time to the hitman as the disposing of bodies in the future is difficult.  However, when said hitman's future self is sent back - PROBLEMS.  Loved the story and the intricacies in that movie as it was intriguing and I was starting to like Joseph Gordon-Levitt, especially as I loved Inception and liked The Dark Knight Rises.  Also, Emily Blunt can do no wrong.
The Last Jedi, I loved.  I don't say much about it as there are soo much conflicting thoughts on what is good and what is bad about it, but I thought it was clever.  I mean it felt like Star Wars to me.  Rian doesn't hold back on the War aspect of the movie and does get a touch political.  The Canto Bight section was boring but I understood why it was there and the fight near the end was great.  Effectively he divided the fandom and I guess a lot of people didn't like what he did especially with the final twist in the movie.  He does like a twist.  So, with that said, Knives Out has plenty and not only is it clever too, it is damn well funny.

The head of a patriarch, Harlan Thrombey (Christopher Plummer) a wealthy crime novelist dies on the night of his 85th Birthday party with all the family and help, attended.  But when a famous and quirky private eye, Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig) is hired to solve the mystery of Harlan's death alongside Detective Lieutenant Elliot (Lakeith Stanfield) and police officer Trooper Wagner (Noah Segan), every attendee of the weird and quirky family from the Daughter (Jamie Lee Curtis), Son (Michael Shannon), Grandsons (Chris Evans, Jacob Martell), Granddaughter (Katherine Langford), Daughter-in-law (Toni Collette, Riki Lindhome), Son-in-law (Don Johnson) and Help (Ana de Armas) from that night are questioned.  Slowly and surely, secrets are revealed with almost every attendee having motive to kill Harlan for his riches.

This movie was clever, intelligent, humorous and hilarious.  Intelligent writing mixed with clever story telling and gags which led to humorous and hilarious moments.  For example, the film starts with a few ladies in the kitchen for breakfast.  One is listening to a murder mystery story on the radio, another is emotional over the recent murder and the other is trying to be sensitive to the subject.  Not a huge spoiler at all, but this very scene allows you to understand the tone of the movie with it's intelligent writing and clever storytelling which had the cinema laughing.  I mean, the story on the radio itself is simply gold.  Rian Johnson essentially throws in one-liners or what would be throw-away comments for them to appear later in the movie.  You are led to believe everyone has a motive and anyone could have done it, which is great, but the intricacies of the plot thickens halfway through the movie which changes the narrative completely.

Every actor in this movie is on top form.  Some don't get a lot to do unfortunately, but those who do are a breath of fresh air.  Daniel Craig's accent is weird, but you get used to it.  You can see he is having a great time with his role.  I found Lakeith and Toni's characters funny, especially with the latter and Jamie's interaction in a specific scene, Jamie was great!  But the standouts are definitely Chris Evans and Ana de Armas, where old Captain America wasn't seen as old Steve Rogers (at least to me anyway) and Ana (having not seen her in anything) was simply amazing.  It was great seeing Michael Shannon as to me, looks like the same person as I feel he has a distinguishable face, but disappears and looks different in every role.  Plus I couldn't help but think, Oh, Zodd and Captain America in one movie, they are crossing the!!!

If you like a Murder mystery such as a Clue or Murder on the Orient Express, then this one is for you.  It would be interesting to come across anyone who disliked this movie, unless it is to do with what Rian did with Star Wars. Enjoy


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