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(trailer review) - Jumanji: The Next Level

So, after I had watched the latest edition to the Jumanji franchise (Jamanji: Welcome to the Jungle or Jumanji 2) and after it had done really well, they decided to do a sequel making this a Trilogy.  I'm not sure if they will do another sequel as that is likely to depend on the outcome of this one and if this one is anything like the last, we might get just that.
I enjoyed the last one as I thought it was a surprising success, story wise.  I liked the characters and the jokes and as this looks just as goofy and fun, this has the potential to do better than the last one.  I mean, the whole "body swap" element has not got old yet and provides good laughs.  My only reservation is that, all that sand and no Jungle? Upsetting, but lets see what they do with this.

Directed by Jake Kasdan and starring Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Danny Glover & Danny DeVito


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