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(trailer review) - The Grudge

I hold The Grudge in very high regard.  I'm not sure if this is the best scary movie for me, but the original which came out back in 2004, I was fully down for and I really enjoyed it.  A woman moves in or goes to a haunted house (I can't remember which exactly), but when she leaves, The Grudge follows her home.  Maaaaaaayte! Just seeing this trailer filled me with such joy.  It currently looks like a gender swap with John Cho (brilliant actor) and some other actors I don't instantly recognise, but as long as it keeps the creepy elements to it and I don't mind what different things they try out, as long as keep it, a straight up supernatural horror story, told very well.  They also need to have more usage of the little boy!  CREEPY!!! Love it!

Fun fact: Although I enjoyed The Grudge, I didn't bother with the sequels and I have NO idea why.

Directed by Nicolas Pesce and starring John Cho, Andrea Riseborough and Demián Bichir


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