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(trailer review) - Bombshell

Margot Robbie is on the hottest streak right now.  Is she the female Dwayne Johnson?  I feel I will go onto her Instagram and see her bench pressing a motorbike whilst promoting another movie.  In short, she is working very hard and she is a great actor.  She has a bunch of movies coming out and this one seems interesting.  These 3 ladies look like they will work well together and it does look like a very good story.  From Charles Randolph, the guy behind the screenplay of The Big Short (a film I didn't see) and directed by Jay Roach who had been behind a lot of comedy films, I'd be interested in see this as it looks good.

Directed by Jay Roach and Starring Nicole Kidman, Charlize Theron, Margot Robbie and John Lithgow


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