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(trailer review) - American Son

I am hoping this movie will have an impact.  I am hoping this movie reaches everyone who goes to watch it.  I am hoping everyone who goes to watches it, receive said impact as I believe this can be and will be a very powerful film.  I am hoping that it will carry enough power (from what I've seen thus far) although not a real story based on real events, but I hope people can see the mirror onto society this movie reflects.
We hold a force like the Police, in such high regard.  Our safety is ultimately in their hands most of the time, but the people we hold to serve and protect us, their behaviour, especially from such a high position, the arrogance, ignorance, distain (for human life and/or those of colour [on a case by case basis]) as well as the disregard to people of colour, along with their inability to carry out their duties effectively, efficiently and honestly make for a great discussion on how they could do better and should do better.  And with such a powerful actress like Kerry, this is bound to be something really good.

Directed by Kenny Leon and produced and starring Kerry Washington


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