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(film review) - Angel Has Fallen

I'm a 'Die Hard' Fan!  So, I was in absolute shock and horror when I watched 'A Good Day to Die Hard'.  Although I enjoyed the movie (I probably somewhat felt compelled to, as John McClane is my favourite movie character), but 'Man Like...' Mike Banning showed us heroism at it's finest! Man like Mike was avoiding death and saving the day, just like John McClane would and refusing to die.  However, Olympus Has Fallen was the better "Die Hard" movie of 2013 and deep down, that really upset me.
The sequel to Olympus Has Fallen, London Has Fallen is easily forgettable.  All I can remember from it is that, they were in London...yeah, like 'no shit!', and not as good as the first and now a dying franchise because the sequel didn't live up to the original - not even close.
But Angel Has Fallen! This is a different film to the last one or better yet, has a better story and better action than the last one as it seems, the 'has Fallen' franchise has now found it's feet.  Angel Has Fallen could actually be the NEW 'Die Hard' movie...The 'Has Fallen' Franchise. What is going to fall next?  To be honest, if they made 'Kremlin Has Fallen' or something of that ilk where Man like Mike was vacation-ing or taking the President on a presidential trip somewhere to sign some papers for world peace or whatever and they get under attacked wherever the meeting is held up and Man like mike has to figure out a way to evade the terrorists and keep the president safe with nothing but action, action and more action accompanied with near death in nearly every action set piece and some cunning, I. WOULD. NOT. BE. MAD. AT. THAT. AT. ALL!

So, Man like Mike (Gerard Butler) is with the president (Morgan Freeman) whilst the president is on a fishing trip, however, the president comes underfire from drones.  As the President is placed into a comma from the incident and DNA from Man like Mike is found at the scene with the control panel for all the drones, Man like Mike is now an enemy of the state and he is a fugitive of the run doing the best he can to keep himself alive and prove his innocence.

Something we have all seen before, right? 'Enemy of the State', 'The Fugutive' so on and so forth, but none of them had Man like Mike - The John McClane of his franchise who will narrowly escape death and save the President at the same damn time.  This was a loud and entertaining movie.  I knew who the bad guys were and that is something they could probably work on like a Mission Impossible with some double/triple agent stuff for the future, but I hope they decide to do another 3 more before Man like Mike retires or dies in service.  Funny in places and a simple story we have all seen before but executed well.  If you like loud, boisterous all guns blazing type of action, kind of like the Fast and Furious Franchise or Die Hard Franchise, then you will like this.  Nick Nolte is a gem!


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