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(film review) - Spider-Man: Far From Home

At this point, it would seem as though Spider-Man films keep going on and on and people could be getting tired of it.  We had Toby Maguire in the Spider-Man film from 2002, then we had Andrew Garfield in The Amazing Spider-Man 2012, but it is probably safe to say that, Tom Holland is the perfect rendition of Spider-Man, debuted in Captain America: Civil War and his first movie, Spider-Man: Homecoming have ever had.  Not only is Tomas young, he can grow into the role and not be a 30 year old playing a kid.  No shade at all as the Raimi Spider-Man was great until they did part 3, but I hate the organic webs.  Regarding The Amazing Spider-Man, I liked the way they properly delved into the lore more but they rushed it and messed up the sequel.  Far From Home, being the third sequel in a Spider-Man movie is absolutely Amazing.

For anyone who watched the 90's Spider-Man cartoon, that show was what I watched that gave me the background to Spider-Man and his somewhat infinite Rogues Gallery.  And considering Sony seem to be distancing themselves from the last two versions of Spider-Men movies, this movie is soo welcoming, especially when you know who Mysterio is.

Without going into too much detail as this entire movie is a spoiler, the film picks up moments after the events of Avengers: Endgame, where life has somewhat moved on but the ramifications are felt.  Peter is struggling and just wants to have a break from saving the world.  Peter just wants to be a kid and go on a school break and get closer to the girl he fancies, MJ.  However, when these mysterious threats known only as Elementals appear all over Europe, Nick Fury enlists Spider-Man, with the help of a new hero named Mysterio to try and stop this threat or the world will be destroyed.  In order to do this, Peter must rise to the occasion and be the hero Tony Stark, the Ironman see's in him.

This movie was amazing.  Yes it starts a little slow because we are covering the aftermath of Endgame and the director () spent time allowing the audience to understand the world we are now living in, post-thanos, but halfway through the movie, the movie takes a dramatic turn and not only does the action kick in, the story changes and everything from this moment feels like it was taken straight from the comic books and TV show.  Mysterio is one of my favourite Spider-Man characters and if you like his character, I would say that the movie was 2000% authentic to the material.  I can't say any more unfortunately.

The special effects and the imagination on these guys, wow! The comedy, the tone, the heartfelt moments; I mean, I almost cried....almost.  Spider-Man is just a kid and his supporting characters as well as the villains involved, they ALL have character and make Spidey very relatable and sometimes we forget, Peter is just a kid who is trying to struggle, with Great Power, comes Great Responsibility and this is translated in this movie.  I have a few nitpicks and one MAJOR one, but I'm assuming that will come later on as Spider-Man is still learning to be, Spider-Man.

If you liked Homecoming, you need to definitely see this because if you like Mysterio like me, you will definitely love this movie.  Also, the post credits scene not only blows your mind, but also sets up Phase 4.  Spider-Man: Far From Home is the closing chapter to 3 Phases of the Thanos' Quest for the Infinity Gauntlet as the Infinity Saga and I cannot wait for what will happen next in the MCU.


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