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(film review) - John Wick 3 - Parabellum

Chapter 3. Where this, now trilogy, should close the story of John Wick and his quest for vengeance leaving him to live a life as a retired hitman in the tranquillity he sees fit.  It’s like, after every movie, you reminisce back to how we got here.  How did it all start? His dog was murdered, he avenged it.  His car was stolen, he retrieved it.  The only thing John has a problem getting back, is his retirement, as finding his was back into the underworld of, well…let’s call it, The Hitman Society has proved to cause more harm than good.  Well, more dead bodies by The Babayagga, but we won’t get into that just yet.

In case I haven’t explained why I love these movies properly, I’ll break it down. John Wick is just like an 80’s or 90’s film where, titular hero, John Rambo? John McClane? John Matrix, even? Take on hordes of enemies who are trying to kill him and he survives.  It’s about suspending disbelief where some elements of the movie may seem unrealistic, but you enjoy the ride anyway.  The story might not be Oscar worthy, but you enjoy the ride anyway.  In most recent years, there hasn’t been much movies, if any that recapture the glory decades of such films.  Some over the top violence, one liners and such, other than the ones that are trying too hard.  Some may argue that the Fast and Furious franchise is among them, but that’s family *he says in his best Vin Diesel voice* and his name isn’t John, it’ Dominic.

The John Wick franchise is the 80’s and 90’s action movies, compressed into an up-to-date, stylish romp with lots of imagination trying to be as realistic as possible.  If you can watch a superhero movie which is largely based off of the comics, bar a handful, then you can watch Mr. Wick escape certain death, repeatedly.  I mean, John McClane wouldn’t Die Hard…well, until they ruined the last one in 2012.  Let’s see what the latest instalment will do, if they ever get to it…I hope not, with that Year One premise.

Anyway, back to the movie…

John Wick is now excommunicado losing all access and privileges of the Hitman Society with a huge 14 million bounty on his head after the events of the last movie.  He is literally a dead man walking.  The continental is off limits as well as any friends or allies he once worked with as they are all included in the worldwide broadcast and may want to collect the reward themselves.  John must stay on the run, avoiding death, literally at every corner to seek a meeting with The Elder, the person at the head of the High Table to negotiate some sort of deal.

This movie does not disappoint from the previous movies and if you have made it this far watching the previous two, you are already enjoying the ride.  I feel as though the movies just get better and better as they give you nothing but fight scene after fight scene after fight scene after brutal kills after fight scene after more brutal kills after even more brutal kills, book fight, horse fight, bike fight and if not, ALL kills ending with a headshot or two at the continental, of all places!  The action.  The Visuals.  The comedy.  There are places to nit-pick, if you must, but it doesn’t take away from the film as a whole, because the film’s pacing does not slow down.  Well, apart from the desert scene, but other than that, nearly every scene is soo masterfully done, you may want to frame certain shots.  I didn’t even mention the dog fight, di I?

if you were a fan of the previous movies, I don’t see you coming away from this movie with negative thoughts as they simply expand on what came before and take it that much more further.  The director Chad Stahelski, has only made 3 movies and the previous two were John Wick movies, so he is definitely on a roll.  I’d say that, due to the movie being a ‘Chapter 3’, is an absolute MUST that you see the first two previous movies as they continue from one another and you might just be confused otherwise, because the film expects you to have experienced the previous movies and not even try to hold your hand with any narrative or exposition at all!

Go watch it if you are a John Wick fan! If not, watch it after you see the first 2 at least.


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