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(film review) - Shazam

It hasn't been long but Shazam is now here and since the last decent movie was indeed, Aquaman a few months ago, it seems as though the DCEU or whatever they want to call it is now ramping up.  There has been a few whispers of other films but it's interesting to see where they are going to be going considering there isn't a lot of great DC movies of late.  At the Moment it's Man of Steel, Wonder Woman and Aquaman.  One of DC's biggest flops, although it was alright, just (I mean I enjoyed it for the most part), was Justice League, but DC has a long way to go to keep pumping out excellence with consistency.  Maybe, just maybe we will have it here.

Billy Batson is a 14 year old foster child who has gone from home to home not being able to settle anywhere.  One day, Billy is pulled into a mysterious place and granted the powers of Shazam enabling him to change from boy to man in an instant with superhero powers, strength, healing, fire-proof, superhuman speed, superhuman reflexes, Electrokinesis, flight and with his friend Freddy Freeman, Billy must find a way to live with his new found powers and also take down Doctor Sivana who wants the power for himself.

I enjoyed this movie. It wasn't great, it wasn't wow, it was "Oh, ok, that was cool" There were some funny bits that made me chuckle and it is an overall decent movie, but if we were going to jump onto the comparison train, this movie does not hold a candle up to the recent comic book movies out.  I'd say it isn't as bad as Suicide Squad but that movie reeked of heavy studio interference.  the music and scores were decent and the visuals were also decent but if I'm honest, although not a jaw dropping movie, this movie does stand out as one of the better ones from DC, Aquaman, Wonder Woman.  It's been soo long since Man of steel and to think that Shazam essentially is pretty much equal to Superman, would be nice to see him in a future project or even, Black Adam especially as that has been mentioned a little while ago which seems like forever.

The acting is great from Zachary Levi and he bounces off Jack Dylan Grazer well. Asher Angel is also great and so in Mark Strong, as usual as he always delivers a great performance.  If they do choose to change some things should they do a sequel to this movie...I hope they tone down the suit as it literally looks like Zachary is in a muscle suit and the colour is wildly too bright.  And to not give any spoilers, but I would like to see more of Billy Batson's family in any future project too, especially as this could have been hinted by the end credits scene.  Give it a go, you might enjoy like I did.

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