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(film review) - Avengers: Endgame

I'm alive.  It's 2019 and I am alive to see the day when I can watch a Marvel Superhero movie that has 28+ characters (or so) fighting a great evil in a compelling storyline which has taken 11 years to do.  Now I don't mean, it took them 11 years to write the story, maybe 11 months, but the plan was to get to THIS POINT.  The 22nd Movie and the sequel to Avengers: Infinity War to finally complete the Infinity Saga which started with Ironman back in 2008.  Amazing.  I mean this is an amazing feat that nearly every movie studio and their grandparent with their pet has been trying to do as stated in my Infinity War Review. Universal tried it with their 'Dark Universe', which was meant to be a combination of Monster Movies within the same universe.  Wannabe franchises are announcing first films and also mentioning sequels before they have even wrapped shooting of their first movie, like Power Rangers, because they want to be like the Fast and Furious franchise tha

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