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(film review) - Alita: Battle Angel

This film seemed to be going through all types of hell in order to be put onto screen.  James Cameron wanted a specific look to this movie and to also enforce a “gimmick” with the help of Robert Rodriguez to tell the story of Battle Angel: Alita, I mean, Alita: Battle Angel, and with their sensibilities together, produced and directed a film that I, actually, well…really enjoyed!

After a major war known as “The Fall”, society is split with those who live at the top in the City of Zalem and those who live at the bottom in what is known as the Iron City, a junkyard dumping ground.  Dr. Dyson Ido (Christoph Waltz), whilst in a junkyard, finds a disembodied female Cyborg and decides to put her together and name her Alita (Rosa Salazar).  Now discovering a whole new world, the people in it and the life or death competitive sport of Motorball, Alita stumbles across the person responsible for the murders of innocent women and instinctively engages into a fight which allows her to remember old memories of a previous life she had and rediscover her unique fighting style.
With a passion for fighting and feeling invincible, Alita decides to join the hunter warriors and enters the brutal game of Motorball to help send her friend, Hugo (Keean Johnson) up to the City of Zalem, but when Grewishka (Jackie Earle Haley), a huge cyborg is out to kill her, requested by Nova by way of Vector (Mahershala Ali), and now that there is a bounty on Hugo’s head, set by an assassin named Zapan (Ed Skrein), it is up to Alita to go toe-to-toe with those out to kill her and her friend whilst trying to unlock the secrets of her hidden past.

I enjoyed this movie as I went in with zero expectations having seen possibly only 2 trailers and I just wanted to see it as it looked cool.  One of my thoughts whilst watching the movies was “When are they doing Akira?” As Akira is one of my favourite Manga movies from back in the day and I would love to see it.

I don’t have any complaints about this movie as I knew what I was getting when I was going in, in regards to the big eyes, which actually wasn’t THAT bad.  Maybe if the eyes were even bigger, then it would have been more distracting than it already was, so it wasn't that bad.  And although the story of a person with missing memories and hidden talents is done to death and old, it was great to see in this movie, as it also reminded me of the old Geena Davis movie, ‘A Long Kis Goodnight” (I love that film).  The film also had similarities to Elysium.
At one stage, I kept asking myself, why does everyone have a missing arm? But then I started to see more cyborgs and when it came to the Motorball sport, I was introduced to even more cyborgs which broadened the world even more than it already was.  I can’t go into too much of the story without giving away plot points or parts of the story, but we only see a small part of Alita’s story with what is obviously set up for even more movies, because everyone wants to do a Franchise! With that said though, this is something I would love to see how deep and far they will go into the world of Alita as what I saw, I really enjoyed and I never watched the manga or read the comics

The acting was great and the CGI and special effects were quite phenomenal. You can’t really expect anything less from James Cameron, you know.  I even saw this in 3D and sometimes 3D can be off-putting or wasn't this time around.  But I’d suggest that if you want to see more films like this, then this film will need to get supported or films like Akira, Attack on Titan and other Anime/Manga, just won’t get done….especially with their worlds being soo vast and great.  I think Robert and James did a good one with this one and I definitely want more.


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