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(film review) - Mad Max: Fury Road

I'd like to start off by saying, I do not believe I have seen a Mad Max film, ever! As you gasp in disbelief, I'd like to point out that I am completely aware of them and that I have a rough idea about the character's background, but I do not remember watching a single Mad Max film from beginning to end and remembering it. Maybe it was a touch before my time or maybe I just weren't interested, probably the latter. But this film, I will remember. This film is a spectacle.

Max Rockatansky (Tom Hardy) is a Main Force Patrol Officer, haunted by past memories and some may actually deem him as being mad/insane. He is a wanderer of a post apocalyptic wasteland where most of, if not all of the Earth is a desert and civilisation has collapsed. Water is hard to come by and the people who now live on this desecrated planet are fearless, ruthless and will do anything to survive or die for the cause.
Max unfortunately, is on the run and trying to escape a situation he got himself into and once he crosses paths with Furiosa (Charlize Theron), Max has to make a choice to trust this stranger or take her out as, you cannot trust anyone in these badlands as everyone has their own agenda.

This film is AMAZING. I haven't seen any of the previous films (and I will now, due to seeing this), but this film is a roller coaster ride from beginning to end. This film was like watching Gravity for me. At the edge of my seat, eyes transfixed onto the screen trying not to dip my fingers into the salsa dip as I lose my way trying to find the nachos by being too engrossed into this film. What a spectacle. Vibrant colours, camera angles and visuals, explosions, insane looking vehicles, characters and appendages. The film is soo insane with soo many moving parts, you can't help but follow Max in his journey. There were soo many 'Oh no' parts, where I was soo into this film, I was concerned more about the characters than how I looked once I left the cinema after spilling all types of dip onto my clothes because I couldn't find my mouth.

The only thing I didn't appreciate in this film was Max's voice. Tom Hardy is a brilliant actor and I felt maybe he was trying to sound like Mel Gibson ' rendition, but I haven't a clue. When Max spoke, it took me out of the film for a moment, but it was a good thing he doesn't actually say much. SPOILER ALERT, maybe?

They call him a mastermind, George Miller. But from watching this, I understand why. Charlize was perfect as she is a great actress and the story was plain and simple with little depth to it, but with soo much little things going on at the same time, this film is most definitely something to see, especially if you are a fan of the franchise. This film is a glimpse of what is inside George Miller's mind and it is, MAD!

Wait until you see the heavy metal rocker with the guitar and the guys playing the drums. This film is just insane from start to finish. Go see it.


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