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(film review) - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

For as far back as I can remember, I was a TMNT's fan. Well to an extent anyway. I don't remember having the toys but I remember which ones were which, which ones I liked and why. I remember my first gaming console, the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) had a Turtles game with it I got for my birthday. That game was cool. I remember going to the Arcades at the seaside and playing the 4-Player Turtles game where you had to save April O'Neil from the evil clutches of Shredder. Nearly every little boy had a Turtles T-Shirt and quite possibly, the bumbag and over little kiddie stuff, like Lunch Box etc. In more recent years, I got the 4-Player Turtle game I tried to play in the Arcade when I was younger, on my Xbox360 and I also got some other Turtles game (Turtles in Time) I think it was. So, imagine my excitement, being a slight fan, that they were doing another film. Yes, I was happy. The first film which came out in 1990 is older than dirt now. A reboot was indeed necessary and only if it is to be done right. Was this done right? Yes indeed it was. Yes indeed it was.

This film is about four teenage mutant ninja turtles who get rumbled trying to clear the streets from the evil footclan by budding up and coming reporter, April O'Neil (Megan Fox). When trying to convince her boss Bernadette Thompson (Whoopi Goldberg) that the mutant turtles are real to no avail, she convinces her cameraman Vern Fenwick (Will Arnett) to speak with Eric Sacks. Shortly, Shredder comes out of hiding with his footclan hunting for the Turtles, their demise as well as a sinister plan to unleashing a deadly toxin into the city.

Without going into too much about the film, this is how a film based on a old comic or old 80's cartoon should be done. I'm looking at you Transformers. There was a story, there was action, it was evenly paced, it was funny, Megan Fox didn't suck as badly as she has previously in her career and the special effects were excellent. Lots of fun and action, just like the cartoon and the games. Fun and Action. Every aspect of the Turtles were captured down to a tee. Their personalities were spot on and even Master Splinter was great. There is a lot more which they can address in the possible sequels to come, but other than that, this was a really entertaining and thrilling journey back to loving something I used to love as a little boy. Should they do a sequel, they need to add more mutants and I most definitely need to see Krang and the Technodome. If no Technodome, Bebop and Rocksteady need to be in the mix.

Not excellent but you will have fun. Enjoy.


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