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(film review) - Transformers 4: Age of Extinction

There is a cult following of people who watch Transformers because a) They loved the cartoon series when they were younger and NEED to see the films. B) There are the NEW following of people who either never heard of the Transformers or didn't really follow the cartoons but they do like the new film franchise. And c) The people who have watched the previous Transformers, thought they were good, passable or shiet but keep getting hooked by the new trailers which promote the film and now they have to see the new one. Me?! I'm a little bit of both. I have liked or found the films passable but these films do definitely have their drawbacks. Plus those trailers be catching me EVERY TIME!

Michael Bay is a great director, but a lot of people do not like him and I understand why. A lot of people also jump onto the "Michael Bay is a sh*t director" Band Wagon, but often forget the greats. Bad Boys 1 & 2 along with The Rock and more recently, Pain & Gain, just to name a few. Michael Bay knows exactly how to sell a film to you with no real storyline, dress it up as the most amazing thing in the world with great special effects to make you run down to the cinema at full pelt and throw your money at the cashier..."Take My Money!"...The trailers do this. But when the film is finished, sometimes you feel empty and cheated.

With the Transformers franchise, bar the first film, Michael Bay successfully delivers everything you want, well mostly, until you watch it and then feel like you have been cheated. That you have wasted almost 2 hours of your life you simply cannot get back. Imagine buying a burger from a burger bar and the picture looks excellent, the ingredients sound great. You get the burger and half the ingredients are there and the burger tasted a little flat. The ingredients didn't jell well and what you initially expected was light years away from what you actually got. Although you enjoyed the burger because you were hungry, you can't help to think it would have been a lot better if all the ingredients were there or maybe straight out buy a completely different burger. Transformers 4 is like this.

The film is about a single parent inventor who is struggling or simply just getting by trying to earn a honest wage. He is raising his daughter who he is trying to send to collage but is trying to raise the cash. Pretty much down on his luck with failed inventions which haven't taken off,  jfjdjr (Mark Whalburg) stumbles across an old banged up truck he tries to fix to for money, but unknowingly, he wakes up a old Transformer and gets drawn into a fight between the humans and the robotic aliens from space.

The beginning was cool and everything seemed to go well-ish for a Transformers movie directed by Michael Bay. I got a heads up from a friend saying that the new film was better than the rest, so I guess I had high-ish expectations. It got to a point where the film turned from good, to mediocre to garbage. Don't get me wrong, robots in disguise is always great and can never get old. They even swiped that in The Lego Movie when the Pirate turns into a photocopier, but this NEW material they were using made the storyline garbage.
You could tell that this Transformers film was trying to be different from the previous incarnations and there was some really cool moments and special effects, but unfortunately, this is what the Transformers franchise has become; a bunch of cool moments, some funny moments and great special effects. You can't knock Michael there. We'll on the special effects.

I really felt the film was lacking when it had a great intro and like all the other Transformer movies, was simply a let down due to story. If the Story was executed better and a few elements of the movie were taken out and maybe replaced with something else, then this could have been a great movie. Otherwise, the film is just watchable.

Acting was stiff. Dialogue was ridiculous. Storyline was pants. Special effects were superb. But all in all, it wasn't great and was simply passable. If you enjoyed the previous movies, then you may love this. If you didn't, then you may not. You might just want to watch it because you have seen the previous ones and regardless of how you feel about them, will just watch it because it is a Transformers Movie. Lord knows I did.


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