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(film review) - The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Rise of Electro

I chose this title because it made more sense after watching the film. However, before I get into it, I want to point out a few things first. I have been following these comic book movies for a while now. I try to get enough information about these films, their potential storylines, the heroes and the antagonists. Spider-Man's marketing was relentless and barely stopped for a breather. From shooting, set pics, clues, mythos, potential enemies and the future of Spider-Man. With that said, Marc Webb IS directing a trilogy. Spider-Man's universe is going to be dynamic. So dynamic, they have planned future films after the original trilogy when that is complete with two spin off films and Spider-Man 4. Yes, as I said, dynamic.

To the average movie-goer, Spider-Man is just going to be another Spider-Man film and people will not understand the contractual agreements these studios who have the rights to Spider-Man and people won't understand why Toby Maguire is not Spider-Man any more, unfortunately. As I stated in my last Amazing Spider-Man review, that film was 10 years too late and this Spider-Man universe is much better and had this been executed way back when, we would be on Spider-Man 8 or so by now.
In regards to the film and it's relentless promotion and if you are reading this before you go out to see the film, I want to make you aware of something before you watch. Not a spoiler per say, but something in which the marketing has advertised which could be misinterpreted.

Firstly, this is indeed Spider-Man's biggest battle. However, with the images displayed with that message, it may not be the battle you were thinking.
Secondly, in this universe, Spider-Man follows very closely to the Spider-Man comics, down to plot twists and storylines which are burrowed from the ultimate universe as well as the comics to provide a "realistic" and "grounded" story. When watching this film, you will need to bare in mind that this is only the start of Spider-Man's troubles.

Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) is the young intelligent student who had been bitten by a genetically altered Spider which then turns him into a superhuman kid with heightened senses, strength, agility and stamina. Now as New York's friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man, he has defeated criminals and Supervillains as well as juggling his life as a student and trying his best to keep a promise he has given to the love of his life's father after the events of the first film. Realising that breaking his promise is more haunting than he initially expected, Spider-Man battles with this along with the loss of his parents as he still has unanswered questions about his parents disappearance and his father's work/connection to Oscorp. As Peter's childhood friend comes back into town, Peter tries to rekindle his friendship with Harry Osborn (Dane Dehaan) until he is caught in a sticky situation where has has to make some hard choices. With all this going on and his on again off again relationship with Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone), Max Dillion (Jamie Foxx) falls tragic to an accident which leaves him unrecognisable and able to control electricity who is now hellbent on destroying Spider-Man.

From loving the first The Amazing Spider-Man (Although it was 10 years too late), this film basically continues where the last Spider-Man left off. Much more colourful, more comic book-like in visuals but still somewhat dark in tone and even the threats come across somewhat real. The on screen relationship between Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone are great. In my opinion, their story is soo touching that there were a few times in the film I could have been brought to tears. Peter Parker's trouble/stress with his parents leaving, his old friend coming back to town and his aunt doing all that she can to look after her nephew without her beloved husband Uncle Ben is a lot. Although the film wasn't purely made for 3D like Avatar, the 3D element not once took me away from the movie like other 3D films have, like 300: Rise of an Empire and Man of Steel.
The comedy in this film was decent as there seemed to be a consistent tone in the film without coming across too cheesy/corny. The camera angles were also great and the last battle was epic enough. Dialogue was fitting, apart from a time where Peter Parker says, "Don't get it twisted" which took me out of the moment. It didn't feel like it was fitting. Jamie Foxx as Max Dillion was also great. His acting chops, something I have seen before in a previous film but as Electro, Mr. Foxx was quite sinister as well as very smart like his alter ego, not to mention Dane DeHaan's depiction of Harry Osborn.

I would say, DO NOT EXPECT TOO MUCH FROM THIS FILM as most of you would have seen Captain America: Winter Soldier and love it and then compare this Marvel film with that Marvel film. These films are NOT ALIKE.

Sometimes I feel that I have to defend Spider-Man too much etc etc, but in all honesty, although not as good as CA:TWS, this film is a great opening for the future films to come. Yes Spider-Man has his greatest challenge yet and this film did exactly what it needed to do to set up the Spidey Universe nicely. Watch out for the Easter Eggs.


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