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(film review) - Man of Steel

After seeing Man of Steel, I was left a little perplexed. I wasn't sure what to think overall about the whole film.
I did feel disappointed and I did feel the film could have been better. However, if I were to give this film a number out of 10 with 10 being really good and 1 being really bad, this film would get 7.5 and not 9 or 10 in what it seems everyone else seems to be giving it.

I can debate this all day! ALL DAMN DAY! But I won't. I will only explain my view of the film from what I experienced from the story and how it was delivered.

First of all, Everyone knows the story of Superman and there has been 5 films before this one. (No one rates the fourth Reeves one)

The chances are of the audience knowing Superman's abilities is very high anyway.

So, with that said, I'll keep this Sypnosis very brief. Jor-El has a child with his wife on a dying planet. He sends newborn child in a space capsule across the stars to the Sol System to land on Earth to live so that their race does not go completely extinct. Child grows up with installed values but before becoming a shining beacon of Hope, he must confront General Zod and his plans. Also being from Clark's home planet of Kyrpton, Clark is left with a choice to decide whether to side with the human's or to decide with his own.

My understanding is that the Director was not going to revisit all the same scenario's and stories from previous films. This film is purely about an alien trying to fit into a world who will "fear" him for being different. The film is also about Zod and why he is the way he is because he ISN'T necessarily a villain.

This film most importantly, IS NOT...and I repeat NOT a Clark Kent film. This story is not about Clark Kent being Superman. It's about Superman being an Alien. From when you understand that, you will understand the film.

The film has received mixed reviews and as I said before, 7.5 out of 10, I believe the film will raise to 8.5 for one simple reason. Should they do a sequel and this film is more about Clark Kent juggling his life of being Clark & Superman, then the previous film, Man of Steel would make more sense and give the film Justice. Kind of an odd way to look at grading this film, but I felt this film was not executed well.

Reason's why I didn't like the film is because there was too much chopping and changing and skipping bits. There was no character development whatsoever and Superman himself was kinda dry... However, the small bits of the clark kent story (shown as flashbacks) were good including the values which were installed into him making him the man that he is. The fighting goes without saying and the film on a whole was good. But if the director made the film longer and added more detail, I would have put this film on parr with Batman. It just wasn't delivered the way Batman was. The reason could be purely due to the rehashing of the story. It has been done again and again and AGAIN!!!

I would also like to add, the writers and Director wanted to make a Superman film we haven't seen before. One where people get to see Superman BEING Superman. We all wanna see Superman tump guys over (in which he can't do with humans). And this is THAT film, so this is why you will love the film as well as the origins explain in more detail.

By the way...I don't believe the other films previously explored how he discovered his strength, heat vision or Ice Breath. My understanding is, these came into knowledge as he got older but everyone has seen Smallville or know what it's about.

In conclusion, this is a good film. Like Batman Begins but a little different in delivery and has grand scale destruction with a lil love interest thrown in there. If you don't know with whom, you haven't been, reading, listening, watching, living.
Go See It!!!


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