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(film review) - Jack Reacher

Such a simple name for such a simple guy. Jack Reacher. A name that kinda sticks a little as well if you say it a few times.

Tom Cruise is Jack Reacher. And although a lot of the times, if not nearly every single film Tom Cruise has ever done, bar Tropic Thunder and as an IMF Agent, Tom Cruise is like Jason Statham to me. He is only 1 Character. I think there comes a time in viewing history that an actor doesn't necesarily look like a character, only who they really are. And I think this is due to make-up or even bad acting. Bruce Willis, Tom Cruise, Sylvester Stallone and Jason Statham act to be all these different characters, yet to some people, i.e, myself they just look like themselves in a different movie. Maybe it's my lack of imagination. But Michael Fassbender, Sir Ian McKennen, Hugo Weaving & Johnny Depp to me, AREN'T who they are, but the characters they portray. Do you get what I mean? Maybe it's just me. However with that said, it doesn't take away from the movie for me. For example, I saw Safe starring Jason Statham recently and although I said to myself, "ahhh, another Jason Statham film" I still enjoyed the film for what it was. Plus Jason Statham does do entertaining films.

This film however, I'm going to dig into it.

Imagine, you commit a crime in which you can virtually get away with it and leave no clue, prints or trail, but just as you think you are in the clear, this guy comes along and tells you he's got you by the short and curly's, all because of the way he processes information and removes and fits pieces of a puzzle together. Moreover, he has no regard for anything and nothing to lose as well as naturally being a "ghost" and can't be found. Yeah, you would find yourself in a bit of a pickle.

The film revolves around a sniper and him being accused of killing innocent people in broad daylight in a park. Before he is sentenced to either death or jail, he asks for Jack Reacher to help. His Lawyer (Rosamund Pike), wanting to prove his innocence but isn't quite sure starts to gather the information they know about their client but bumps into Jack who appears out of nowhere. With the little information she has on Jack, she then asks for his help as the police, led by Emerson (David Oyelowo), especially as her client asked for him specifically, in solving the case. Problems arrise as the closer they get to a lead, people would go missing or die putting their lives in grave danger. In addition,

First and formost, although this is a good film, this film isn't really cinema worthy IMO. It felt like it dragged a little, but not to say all cinema movies must be packed to the brim with action, love and suspense, but I just felt that this was a really good film but was a waste of time in the cinema. Some people would enjoy it, but I think I possibly wanted a little more action from it as there wasn't a great deal of action, but there was a lot of suspense.
The dialogue was really good and the story was well scripted. Clever/whitty lines, phrases and even a sense of realisation as to what the real world has become.
Someone I know said it sticks very close to the book, which is a good sign and Tom Cruise for me was more, Jack Reacher! (See what I said earlier about actors playing roles)
Another thing I must point out though, this is not a Michael Bay film. What I mean by this is, people do not explode and there is not a lot of blood and guts everywhere or anything like that at all. No wild car chases or unauthorised explosions, this film is a real as hell! Not trying to say that Michael Bay's films are over the top, but this films had 1 car chase. I don't even think there was a single explosion or someone flying through a window. I mean, I left the cinema thinking, "wow, that was a realistic film" and for those who want something realistic, this is it!

I definately say, watch this film especially if you want something a bit more realistic with action and drama. However, you don't necessarily need the cinema for this!


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