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(film review) - Ted

A story about a grown man and a Teddy Bear. Ummm, yeah. I'm sure if this was pitched to you, you would be disinterested and think, what a load of codswollop.
Well, being from the creative mind of the man who brought to you, Family Guy & American Dad, I'm sure you would think otherwise.

John Bennett is a grown man living with a Teddy Bear called Ted, a live, living, moving, eating, walking and talking Teddy Bear. Having been in a long term relationship with his partner Lori, John hopes to Marry her but realises that his now dirty, vulgar and obnoxious wastrel bear may need to be kicked out and find his own place as John needs to move on.

Without going into the film too much as it is something you will be able to gather from watching the trailer that this film is stupid, silly, but funny. However, what would you expect from Seth MacFarlane. That is the general gist of things and what you will see in the movie is love, friendship and a lot of obscene things along with foul language and all you would be able to do is, shake your head in disappointment and walk out or shake your head laughing and crying at the same time.

Fans of the forementioned TV Shows will love this film. Me personally, I found it really good but it was almost like watching an up-to-date Cool World movie fused with Family Guy & American Dad and this would be the birth child. Also not being really into Family Guy or American Dad, I guess I didn't find it as funny as others. There are some shocking scenes and even a moment for tears and a lot of WTH's (What the Hell) but most of all if anything, there will be times in which your mouth will drop open, but you will enjoy it.

Have a watch, it's a good entertaining film.


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