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(film review) - Battleship

Considering this was or meant to have been based on a board/electronic game in which one person tried to guess and blow up their opponents Battleship by guessing where their ship(s) are, this film actually DID pull it off. Plus although Rihanna wasn't much use (It could have been anyone - she did well) her acting wasn't too shabby. Would need to see more from her and she DID make me laugh a few times, but was Officer Riggs, Riggs? or Riggs Rihanna!?!

Anyway, you have the premise. You are trying to blow up a ship. Well, not you, hopefully, but the aim is to blow up the other ships, in this film. Centered around up and coming star straight from John Carter and most might know him from X-Men Origins: Wolverine playing the role of Gambit, Lt. Alex Hopper (Taylor Kitsch) is first seen as a complete idiot going out of his way in order to either 1, get a girls number or 2. sleep with her. What he does, is beyond amusing and doesn't surprise me, however, during the film at some point, Liam Neeson says to him, "you have soo much potential". I did chuckle as I couldn't see it thus far into the film. Without spoiling too much about the film, I suggest you watch the trailer. Not everything from the film is in the trailer, but at least you'll know what to expect.

As for the storyline, it wasn't that far fetched. Man are always trying to do "silly" things, like trying to search the realms of space for life which isn't from the planet they dwell and when confronted, act really shocked and bamboozled that on the off chance they spent millions of citizens money to send signals into space in hope for life, life actually says "hello" and they get upset. I really don't know. But the film was a very good watch and I have to say, it was different, well, sort of. They used water and lots of it. Unlike the very very terrible, Skyline & the not so bad but rental with a pizza and a beer Battle: Los Angeles.

I suggest if you haven't seen it, have a watch, it's not that bad. Plus Rihanna makes you laugh as well as keeping her hat on the whole time. There are also some other funny parts and it also just goes to show, you can do some crazy stuff for a woman and she will love you for it. The Dangerous, the better.


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