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(film review) - Paranormal Activity 2

There was only ONE film that made me feel uncomfortable. That kind of uncomfortable where it's borderline violation. Where for a moment during the preview of the film, you take into account the emptied seats, the aiery feeling and you can actually hear your heart beating. The silence is so quiet that if you focused, you could probably hear someone breathing. Just hope that the person you hear is either YOU or a living breathing and speaking person your sat next to because that chill down your spine will make you think otherwise. That was 6th Sense for me. A brilliant film but a few things in that film just made me feel very uncomfortable. This film is similar.

Maybe it's the fact that you see what's happening but can't see what is doing it because Michael Myers, Jason Vorheez, Daniel Robitaille and Freddy Kruger were very visable. I don't know.

Without spoiling the film too much, all I can say that this film is very much like the first one but although I found the first one funny and not that scary, I believe this one raises the bar. I weren't scared but I was slightly uncomfortable. Maybe it's because I've seen a film of this nature before (also shot in 'Found Footage' style and also with the use of security cameras) I knew what to expect and look out for. In saying that the film still had me transfixed onto the screen and not wanting to move to miss a beat. There were some uncool things in this film which also explores people ignorance which in the end, got the better of the characters, just like the first film.

Just so you know, the film is about a woman, her husband, her little sister and her baby who have just moved into this big house and after a burglary install security camera to keep them secure/safe. However, although warned by the family nanny that the house might be haunted, after they get rid of the nanny, funny and odd things start to happen when noises are heard and the dog keeps barking.
And just so you know, you don't actually need to see Paranormal Activity 1 before you see 2, but after seeing 2, you might want to see 1. If you can stomach it, that is.

Good film. Go see it. In the cinema now.


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