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(film review) - Toy Story 3

Big men don't cry after cartoons, but damn, this one was pulling on my heart strings. You should know the story of Toy Story.

It's about a little boy named Andy who, like most little kids, receives toys when he is young and plays with them. However these toys aren't magical, they are just alive and they play "dead" when Andy is playing with them and when normal people are around, otherwise they are as alive as you and me...just plastic.

In this third installment, Andy takes his toys to a nursary so that the Toy Story family will stay together but be played with by new toddlers who he hopes will have tyhe same enjoyment he had playing with them in his youth. In essence, this would also have the Toy Story family meet other toys. But as Woody (Tom Hnaks) and Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen) find out, not all the toys they come across are as kind and helpful as them and some other toys have sinister plans, hidden agenda and srupulus plotting.

I absolutely loved this film. I can firmly say that I am a fan of the entire series and have seen every one of the films before this one, i.e, two, but the storyline is great. Even had me almost tearing up...almost, not quite, but ALMOST. I mean, it's the end of the story, no? booo hooo!

If you know Toy Story films, you are to expect a cartoon animated story for kids to understand as well as adults. You will find yourself laughing at things children may not and vice versa. As usual, I won't spoil the review by mentioning stuff, but this film was a nice send off to the series and althought I doubt they would do any more films called Toy Story, unless they are spin-off, of course, these films have come a long way, have got better and better and if you like childrens animated cartoons or films of this calibre, you should definately watch it or even get it on DVD when it comes out. Enjoy


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