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(film review) - Inception

This is a film you may need to see twice, but if you generally understand the concept, then you'll pay attention through the whole film and still ask yourself the inevitable question at the end.

That question is, "so, was it real or was it a dream?"

A lot of people have their pwn interpretation of the film and some would say that it was real and wasn't a dream. Some people would say it was a dream. Me on the other hand, I'm just going to remain quiet until I can see it again.

This film is nothing from short, nothing from linear, nothing from simple and nothing from half-arsed! When I say Christopher Nolan makes a film, what I mean by that is, from screen direction to music, everything just seems epic.

Just to give you an idea of the film. Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) designed a machine that enables himself and his partner Arthur (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), to perform corporate espionage by entering the subconscious minds of their targets, using two-level "dream within a dream" strategies to "extract" valuable information. As "extractors" they carry a "totem" which has a special and personalized behaviour which is only known to the owner. This object is used to determine if they are within another person's dream.

The problem is, you may not know if your are in a dream or not. Behaviour patterns change within people or the "reality so, if you feel you are in a dream, you'd take out your totem and use it to determine reality. Dom wants to extract information from Cillian Murphy but needs a new Architect because an architect with personal issues will never be able to get the tasks done. This problem arises after Dom teaches a young gifted and smart architect how to think outside the box and manipulate their dreams but then realise that a certain woman keeps appearing in every inception. This is Dom's Angry wife. So as well as Dom trying to fight his own personal demon's and reach his main goal, he has to uncover the truth and also gain his goal the best way he can without too much trouble. Obviously, there is much more complications that arise when you are in someone's dream who realises they are dreaming. Moreover, when you are not in control of the dream and other people are.

This is a definate MUST WATCH! Even buy it on video if you have too.


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