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(Vintage Film Reviews) - Jumper

Hayden Christensen plays (David Rice) a young man who discovers how to teleport (Jump) from one place to another in an instant. As this abnormality makes him and others like him different, they are seen as superior, God-Like, as it were and tracked down to be killed. David then discovers that there has been a raging war that has been going on for centuries between the 'Jumpers' and the 'Paladins', led by Samuel L. Jackson (Roland Cox) in the mist of just getting into doing whatever he wants, whenever. After shortly discovering this, he has to then fend off the Paladins and save himself and his love interest.

This film isn't a blockbuster at all, but is a very good watch. Samuel's character is sinister and if you have not seen him in arole like this, you'd be pleasantly surprised. Hayden also acts well in this film, but i think the hat comes off to Billy Elliott star, Jamie Bell (Griffin), who i believe his role steals the show and the lime light from Hayden.

The locations in this film will make anyone who likes to travel want to travel to these places. We see Rome, The Grand Canyon, London, Egypt and Tokyo among many more. The fight scenes also take us across the world and the road in a matter of seconds and also add that little extra sense of 'the world is your oyster' kind of thing. However, the dazzling special effects may leave you a little dizzy.

If you enjoy a Samuel L. Jackson film, then this is something for you. No powerful statements though. You are bound to enjoy as there is a good storyline, however, the length and ending may disappoint. Another disappointing thing about the film is the character development. Maybe they will explain a bit more, later.

14th February 2009 at 09:45pm


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